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40 µg/m Particulate Matter pollution 8.5 µg/m Particulate Matter pollution

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Track, Measure and Act

Since 2018, WaltR has been a pioneering force in monitoring polluting emissions through spatial imaging and ground-based methods. The company enables clients to assess and reduce their impact on air pollution and climate by objectively evaluating environmental performance and prioritizing corrective actions based on ever-evolving economic and regulatory criteria.

Objective Assessment: a necessity

The European Union’s ambitious goal is to reduce its carbon emissions by at least 55% by 2030. We are convinced that the most effective method for a sustainable reduction of outdoor pollution is to directly address the root causes by decreasing the primary sources of emissions.

The precise identification of these sources and their impact is crucial for taking appropriate measures. This is where WaltR makes a tangible difference, providing clear answers for the well-being of all.

Discover how our approach, based on objective assessment, can contribute to a more sustainable future. Explore WaltR's solutions for a healthier environment and a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Our patented technology

Have you noticed that air pollution is already visible to the naked eye?

8.5 µg/m No pollution

WaltR harnesses satellite images and specially designed multispectral ground imagers coupled with AI to identify, quantify, and accurately map gas and particulate pollutants emissions from a city, industrial site, and airport or port infrastructures with precision and reliability.

Our team

Experience and complementarity.

WaltR team

Currently relying on an international team of 20 highly qualified individuals, WaltR started in Toulouse before expanding its reach by establishing a facility in Nantes in 2023.

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  • Industrials

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  • Finance and insurance

  • Ports

  • Aeroports

  • Infrastructures

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