Innovation to better understand air pollution

Simple, effective and innovative: The WaltR solution provides more accurate measurements of air pollution. It is based on the use of a new optical sensor technology. Results and data are recorded in real-time and in high resolution 3D in the urban and peri-urban space.

Laureates i-Lab 2019 Green Tech Verte

40 µg/m Particulate Matter pollution 8.5 µg/m Particulate Matter pollution

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Measuring, planning and acting
to reduce emissions

The measurement of air pollution and access to secure data concerns all the players in local life. Town halls, local authorities, manufacturers, port and airport managers, and Smart Cities professionals all play a key role in this collection of pollution levels.
Our unique data allows you to analyse the situation, to promote cross-functionality between your services, to inform your decisions and finally to measure the real impact of your actions. Citizens rely on you to install innovative and reliable devices to assess air quality.

Air quality, a major concern for citizens

A less polluted atmosphere, a reduced carbon footprint, green spaces in cities: today, people are taking up environmental issues. Between transport, energy and food, citizens are taking action to reduce human pollution. The lines are moving forward. These same citizens are demanding maximum transparency on the quality of the air they breathe through precise, reliable and objective information at their level. This is a public health issue that WaltR is responding to concretely, for the well-being of all.

WaltR's dense and dynamic measurement: a necessity

Widely used existing air pollution modeling is not sufficient for optimal data recording. Emission records are fixed and uncertain, physico-chemical phenomena are rather unrepresentative and calculation times are long. Measurements based on fixed stations are of excellent quality but very local and not dense enough. This network for collecting pollutant indices needs to be completed in order to faithfully represent the reality in the field.

  • AQ Reference stations 15min / 10m

  • WaltR High spatial resolution 15min / street by street measurement

  • Satellite 12h / 10km

WaltR, THE missing link

Have you noticed that the air quality is visible to the naked eye?

8.5 µg/m No pollution

WaltR uses a patented measurement technology, derived from space research, which is radically different from conventional in-situ air sampling.

Our high-resolution multi-spectral imagers are placed at strategic high points around the area to be evaluated and record the light radiation. The images collected allow to remotely determine the characteristics of gases and particles observed at a large number of points.

Our software restores high-resolution 3D maps, in real-time, from the images taken from different viewing angles. Our modeling based on artificial intelligence is then able to identify emission sources and predict future pollution

CNES - Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales

WaltR, a professional tailor-made device

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  • Manufacturers

  • Local Authorities

  • Smart Cities

  • Ports

  • Aeroports

  • Sport Events

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